About Me

I am a Member of Technical Staff at Anthropic. I live in Denver with my girlfriend and three senior wiener dogs, and my interests include rock climbing, running, the harpejji, and weird indie video games.

This is a personal website, produced in my own time and solely reflecting my personal opinions. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of my employer.

Stuff I've built


šŸ“š Modern Serial: an online service for reading classic books as email newsletters, with over 150 paying customers. Received a mention in Morning Brew.

šŸ Intro to Pairing: 1-hour video crash course for anyone looking to improve their pair programming skills. Collaboration with Nat from Simpler Machines.

āœ… TDD in Legacy Codebases: An interactive, six-session enterprise workshop that gives students hands-on experience using Test-Driven Development on gnarly, ancient code from the real world. Among the 75% of participants who provided feedback after the course, all respondents agreed it had made them better at their jobs.

PICO-8 Games

For about six months during the pandemic, I spent all my free time making tiny games for the PICO-8 fantasy console. It was a blast and taught me a lot about shipping solo software projects.

ā™¦ļø Picolumia: ļøA falling-block puzzle game on a very unique grid. By far my most successful game, this was favorited by over 80 people and featured on the official PICO-8 website.

šŸ’£ Boom: A remake of an old MacOS shareware game that was basically Bomberman meets Doom. Unfinished but relatively polished.

šŸ™€ Kitten Cannon: Non-violent remake of a classic flash game.

šŸ TweetTweetSnake: A Snake clone written under the constraint that the complete source code had to fit into only two tweets.

šŸš€ Space Race: A frogger-like with some pretty particle effects, in which you control a spaceship trying to make it through a field of space debris.

Work History

If you're curious about my past work experience, my LinkedIn is up to date.


I have a Substack newsletter with 130+ subscribers called The Not-so-Daily Drew, which publishes on a cadence of "whenever I feel like it." Some of my favorite posts:

Some of my older, more evergreen writing lives on the site you're currently reading. A few highlights:

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